Illuminight 2023

Big thank you to everyone who participated in the success of ILLUMINIGHT 2023! Newcastle was illuminated with holiday spirit this weekend. The lights, the baking, the band, the dinner, the donations, the Evaluators, the Volunteers and the overall community participation was outstanding.

The Evaluators have spoken and here are the ILLUMINIGHT 2023 results!

1. Brightest Business = Carbones

2. Radiant Residence = 522 Vancouver Ave

3. Outstanding Block = 500 blk Vancouver Ave

4. Brilliant Building = 225 Rosehill Marine Vista

5. Luminous Lowrise = tie between

-35 Newcastle Ave

-225 Cypress Street

6. Excellent Entrance = 536 Vancouver Ave

7. Dazzling Creativity = 511 Vancouver Ave

Please take a walk or a drive in the neighbourhood and enjoy the displays.

Illuminight 2023: Sunday December 17th 4-8 pm Dinner & Live Band at the Nanaimo Yacht Club

Contribute to the Bake Sale

Press Release

Illuminight Photos 2022

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Creation of the Illuminight Sign by Amazing Community Members