The Newcastle – Brechin Neighbourhood Plan was adopted by the City of Nanaimo in 2011.  The NCA constantly refers to the document as we assess potential developments in the neighbourhood against the land use policies and urban design guidelines outlined in the plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan is intended to apply the broader goals and objectives of the OCP, including those related to sustainability, land use, social, economic, environmental, and mobility and servicing. Its purpose is to achieve the goals and objectives of the OCP while providing detailed policies to support the OCP within the planning area. It is intended to create a more livable neighbourhood. 

The Neighbourhood Plan ultimately offers a long-range vision for the neighbourhood that guides future development and improves quality of life for both neighbourhood and city residents as a whole. It addresses key issues for the neighbourhood area including mobility, neighbourhood character, land use, scale and form of development, density and view corridors, integration of land uses, and built form transitions and edges.

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