Block Watch

Block Watch is a community-driven program which brings neighbours together through increased communication between themselves and the police. Block Watches have several significant commitments: report suspicious activity to the police, create a safe community and build communication with your neighbours. Police alone cannot solve crime in the community. They need extra eyes and ears to report suspicious activity and crime. Nanaimo has a vibrant Block Watch program strongly supported by the RCMP. 

The current Block Watches in Newcastle are:

Please contact them by email – please note that there are no spaces between the name and the @ symbol – this is to keep the robot’s confused. To send email, please remove all the spaces.

  1. Harbour City One Block Watch, 220 Townsite Road
    220townsitebw @
  2. Marine Vista Block Watch, 225 Rosehill Street
    marinevistabw @
  3. Newport Strata Block Watch, 500 block Stewart Ave & Blue Girl Way
    newportstratablockwatch @
  4. Newcastle Block Watch, majority of Newcastle area
    newcastleblockwatch @
  5. Lower Townsite, 500 Block of Vancouver Ave +100-200 Block of Townsite
    lowertownsiteblockwatch @
  6. Channel View Block Watch, 566 Stewart Ave
    channelviewblockwatch @