Board of Directors 2022-2023

President: Karen Kuwica

Vice President: Fred MacDonald

Secretary: Suzanne Groulx

Treasurer: TBD – We are still looking for a treasurer.

Directors at large (up to 7):

  • Peter Giovando
  • Nancy Mitchell
  • Darrel Gyorfi
  • Belinda Climenhaga

The Association is seeking volunteers to join our Board of Directors. Our bylaws, for example, call for up to 7 directors at large.  Here is your opportunity to get involved with the mechanics of the association without specific responsibilities.

One specific role we are still looking for is that of Treasurer whose responsibilities are to ensure that proper financial records are maintained for the association; to deposit funds and pay invoices; to prepare monthly and annual financial reports; and attend all monthly membership meetings as well as intermittent Board of Directors meetings.